Empath Wellness Workbook I: Holistic Self Care for Highly Sensitive People

Empath Wellness Workbook I: Holistic Self Care for Highly Sensitive People

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ASIN: 1952385849
ISBN: 9781952385841

Published by one of our clients who works in the holistic health field.
Disclaimer: Her book combines both Christian elements with holistic health elements including energy centers in the body. 

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About the Book

This experiential learning guide was created to help you know how to allow the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of yourself work together as a unified whole. These holistic practices are a form of preventative medicine that encourages self-regulation and making healthy choices. When balanced, your bioelectromagnetic system provides you with information to navigate everyday life. Like a personal coach, Empath Wellness Workbook I, supports you in calming your body, quieting your mind, opening your heart, and connecting to your true self. Biofield awareness and holistic self-care are treasured skills for highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive people, and those who live and work with them. They help you Be the Light.

The deeper self-awareness and regulating practices I have gained from the teachings in this book have allowed me to live with a more harmonious relationship with myself and the world around me. N.S.

Linda in her graciousness shows us how to navigate between our humanness and our spiritual journey here on earth. Recognizing the power of synchronizing the two to empower our spiritual walk in Oneness. She encourages unconditional acceptance and a loving peaceful community. S.S.

No amount of words can express the gratitude and joy that I have for the gift of your teachings. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a vessel of light and love, which showed me that I could make the choice to live. P.M

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