Marketing and Platform Building

Tired of building your own platform? Let us help!

What is Platform?

Generally, platform is seen as an indicator of how successful a writer’s sales could be, depending on their level of popularity. Although there is no real agreement on this, platform is still a fundamental part of the publishing world today. Platform may consist of any of the following:
  • Reputation
  • Institutional backing
  • Ticket sales
  • Social media followers
  • Newsletter subscribers
So which is more important?
A combination is usually the best option, however, the most important factor is newsletter subscribers. Emails are the key to success. They alone provide you with a direct connection. At Above The Sun, we call this “Relational Marketing” and we break building a platform into three simple steps:


Step 1: Reader Magnet

The first thing you need is to write something that can be given away to exchange for their email address. This magnet will attract new readers and funnel your existing relationships into one manageable “bucket” where you can easily connect with them. 

To compete with today’s expectations of readers, we suggest this magnet to be at least 10,000 words and something that showcases your writing.

– For fiction, this is often a prequel or mini-story.
– For Nonfiction, this could range from a devotional to a short self-help book on various topics.
– If neither of these interests you, we have perfected a new idea that will invite your readers on a journey with you.

Our Offer: We have helped dozens of authors form this perfect magnet, from brainstorming, to writing, to formatting and cover design. We will walk you through the magnet creation. If interested, send us a message at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Newsletter Building

Once we have your magnet established we can offer it to our wide network of readers looking for new material in exchange for their email address. They will willingly opt in to your mailing list in exchange of your free magnet.  Below are some of our packages to build your list. We will not stop until we found our agreed upon targeted readers in your genre who specifically opted into your list.

Step 3: Newsletter Management

Finally, in addition to building your platform, we can also help you nurture your subscribers by managing and sending out your monthly newsletter.  Here are a few of our tiers.

Special Offer!

Since we use affiliate codes, if you click below and sign up for Mailerlite with our affiliate code for free, we will setup your account as well as your welcome email for you for free. Also since we will not get any credit until your list reaches 1000 subscribers, we will be incentivized to help you grow it as quick as possible. Click below, sign up for Mailerlite, and then send us an email to take the next step. 

If you have any questions, please email us to let us know how we can help. 

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