It’s time to release your masterpiece.

Your book is ready for the world to read, but you don’t want to do it all yourself.  We understand, the process can be confusing, but we will help you. 

We have you covered

At Above The Sun, we house experienced writing professionals who have marked their names in book writing and publishing. No matter your genre or format, we will take care of you. Our process is the best blend, combining the full professionalism of traditional publishing, with all the freedom of self-publishing at a price you can afford.

The Best of All Three Worlds


Your book will be held to the same standards as traditional publishing.


You will have all the versatility and control as self-publishing


We perfected the process to save you time and money.

Our Process

For the recommended Publishing Plus Editing package.

Our Recent Portfolio

We believe in offering you the best value and most personalized service.

What You Get

For the base rate of $1999, you will receive:

  • Quality Assurance Assessment (A professional assessment where we provides a report on the overall quality)
  • Custom Designed Book Cover (including revisions and customization)
  • Two ISBNs (Print and ebook)
  • Copyright
  • Digital and Physical proofs
  • Formatting and Typesetting for your paperback interior and eBook formatting
  • Author Support (Ongoing support through the publishing and book launch process)
  • Author Central Setup and Management for one year (for revisions, distribution, 100% royalties, and discounted author copies)

Publishing + Final Edit (Recommended):

In addition to the base publishing package, we offer a discounted final editing process at two cents a word.

This will include:

  • A critical line-edit to resolve grammar and punctuation. 
  • A final proofread aimed to capture missed errors.

Apply for Submission

Tell us about your book and what you are looking for or just ask questions. We will review your submission and get back to you shortly. 

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 Common Questions

Will you manage my royalty payments?

Yes and no. For you to have full control over you own book you will need to have your own distribution account. We will manage this account for you for the first year as part of the publishing package and then teach you how to manage it yourself. If you would like to have us continue to manage it after the first year we can do so with an added fee. 

Will you market for me?

This package is just for publishing. As with most traditional publishers now a-days, authors will need to do their own marketing. We do however offer many marketing and platform building packages on our services page. 

Are there alternate ways to pay for publishing?

Yes! We are unique in the fact that we can help you pre sell your book to raise the money needed for editing and publishing.