“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”
(Philippians 4:8)

Our Pledge:

As we seek to bring heaven to earth through tangible works of creativity we will use this verse in Philippians as a plumb-line. We aspire to create engaging stories and interesting games that contain powerful and realistic elements, as we embrace wholesome family morality. With that said, we make the following pledge and commitment to our customers.

Above the Sun declares it is our intention that all our creations…

… will be true.

We will seek to promote material that embraces reality as God created it. Even when using allegorical elements not native to our normal existence, will be in tune with the standards of the Bible. Nothing we create will be contrary to the word of God.

… will be noble.

All of our material will have the intent to encourage others to live out the morality set by God. We will aspire to write content that intentionally brings out the gold in others, calls forth their best qualities, and ultimately motivates them to be more like Jesus.

… will be just.

We seek to create material that is righteous, fair, and consistent with the commandments of God. This doesn’t mean that our material won’t have evil characters, as there are plenty of them in God’s stories, but it does mean that in the end righteousness is rewarded and evil is punished—if not in this life, then the next. We will not glorify evil behavior.

… will be pure.

We seek to create material that promotes holiness. While impure things do exist in our world, we may include impure people to show the redemptive power of God. However when we do, we will make a clear distinction between good and evil, pure and impure. Our material will seek to support a worldview consistent with Christian purity and show the danger of shying away from that standard. We will never glorify impure behavior.

… will be lovely.

We seek to create material that is pleasing and beautiful. Our material will hopefully give people a feeling of being in the presence of God, or working toward a wholesome goal.

…will be of good report.

We seek to create material that is commendable and of high reputation. We believe there is no lack in heaven and so cutting corners, or producing unfinished material is unacceptable. All of our material will be the result of hours spent with God, continuous prayer, and the okay from Him to release it. We will only put forth the best we have to offer.

…will be virtuous.

We seek to create works that affirm behavior consistent with highest values. In our material, there will be no profanity or glorifying of the works of the enemy. In our games, while we encourage a challenging environment, we will never put a player in a position to betray someone or do anything shady to win. Everything we create will seek to encourage others to live a life of moral excellence and virtue.

…will be praiseworthy.

We seek to create material that will be worthy of recommendation and personal endorsement. We will make content that we are proud of. We would seek to create material that others will be willing to recommend to family members or friends.