Writing Above The Sun

Over the years of writing we met so many creatives in the industry with the same hurdles to overcome. Many have major roadblocks to success to keep them from being best sellers and they have nothing to do with skill, ideas, or platform.

Writing is an endurance race, not a sprint to the finish line and so many writers lack the energy to run. There is a statistic that 90% of writers quit while writing their book, but if those 10% that keep going, they continue to publish their book.

So why do so many writers quit? Why do so many have a great idea but never write it down, why do so many have a full manuscript sitting somewhere collecting dust?

It’s because of fear and lies that we believe.

Deep down we don’t believe our idea is good enough, or our writing is bad. We don’t believe that we are awesome scribes with heavenly downloads that the world is desperate to hear from.

Above the sun believes God is always talking, and is constantly giving ideas from above the sun to creatives like us. But if after we start writing we come against a lie about us, we may just stop. Jesus says that when our foundation is faulty, the structure we are building will fail.

Our ministry is different than other writing groups. We are not a critique group although we do work on growing up your writing, we are not a marketing seminar although we will hold your hand through the hurdles of marketing, rather we are that coach that continues to encourage the good inside of you all the way through publishing.

Our first stage is to identify your identity, what makes you uniquely you, to heal from wounds in the past that keep us captive.

Once this is finished our second stage is to write the book

Then after the book is out we help you form a loving community to be vulnerable with who will honor the baby you just created.

Then in stage 4 we will work on growing up your baby with professional help, getting it fully finalized.

Next we will work on the right approach to help you with your online presence so you can show off your identity online.

Stage 6 we help you find the perfect agents, editor, and publishing house.

Then finally in stage 7 we will talk about the business side of writing and help you navigate multiple streams of income so you can be successful and do it all again if desired.