Ninety-Nine Reasons

Ninety-Nine Reasons

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Series: Ninety-Nine Series, Book Prequel
Genres: Christian Fiction, Romance
Tag: ATS Authors
Publisher: Above The Sun
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781733600613

Tamara Jensen has been on the run for years, two steps ahead of the demons that have been chasing her. For a time, Ocean Shores feels like a safe haven, a place she longs to call home—if a home is even possible for someone like her.

About the Book

Tamara’s made great friends with party-girl Shelby and Charlie the bartender, but her subconscious keeps telling her it’s time to leave town before her past catches up with her.

That’s until Danny—brooding, beautiful, musician—takes the stage at Midway’s Pub. He’s written a song about a girl from his dreams and after looking out into the crowd, he believes he’s found her. Watching Danny on stage, emotions stir in Tamara that she hasn’t felt in years. She is captivated by his lyrics and wonders if she’ll ever deserve the kind of love they offer.

Could it be time for Tamara to stop running? Could this soulful stranger be the one who will finally love her? Or will he be just one more reason to run?

“NINETY-NINE REASONS by Elisheba Haxby and Jesse Vincent is a character-driven study of the power of magnetic attraction, and what can happen to tortured hearts when passion and romance are seeded with manipulation and lies. Featuring an emotionally-charged, first-person narrative and peppered with beautifully-written lyrics, NINETY-NINE REASONS is the story of two lovers struggling with their inner demons and one woman’s search for closure from her deeply traumatic past.”
– Abigail Stefaniak - Editor
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