Ninety-Nine Ashes

Ninety-Nine Ashes

Authors: ,
Series: Ninety-Nine Series, Book 2
Genres: Christian Fiction, Romance
Tag: ATS Authors
ISBN: 9781733600651

Tamara’s not the person she used to be. She’s done running and is ready to face her past. But a lot can change in six years...

About the Book

While searching for her family, an online news article reveals Tamara’s childhood home was destroyed in a fire, and her younger sister, Dakota was the primary suspect in the arson. Following this lead, Tamara learns Dakota is living in the same drug-infested hellhole she barely escaped six years ago. Propelled by guilt and fear, Tamara is determined to save her.

After months of seeing Tamara struggle through the effects of past trauma, Joe is hesitant. He wants to leave the heartache behind, start their lives together and pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant. However, Tamara’s convinced she must take action, and Joe stands by her side as she sets out to help Dakota.

Will their love be strong enough to carry them through the coming storm? Or will the wreckage they uncover while sifting through the ashes of Tamara’s past tear them apart?

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