God, Show Me What You See

God, Show Me What You See

Genre: Christian Living
Tag: Client's Books
ISBN: 9798320778891

101 Words to Transform Your World

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About the Book

Transform Your World One Person and One Prayer at a Time

Do you have difficult people or impossible situations in your life? Could you yourself use words of encouragement from the Lord? Through heartfelt prayers and declarations of blessing, learn to walk in the profound power of speaking life and love into your surroundings, shifting from negativity and criticism to hope and transformation. Drawing from biblical wisdom, personal insights and inspiring stories, Life Coach and Spiritual Director Merri Ellen Giesbrecht, along with several women whom she coaches, invites readers to embrace a powerful prayer posture of love in every difficult situation of life.

This book offers wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to hear God’s voice, discern His truth, and unlock the transformative power of His love.

Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and transformed as you journey through the pages of this life-changing book. You will also discover a collection of 101 heavenly words carefully selected to uplift, encourage, and empower you. With each word, you’ll experience the profound impact of prayer and the transformative power of God’s love. From the depths of personal struggles to the heights of global change, these words will guide you on a path of spiritual growth and renewal.

Whether you’re seeking compassion in times of uncertainty or inspiration to make a difference in the world, God, Show Me What You See offers a beacon of hope and a reminder of God’s unchanging presence in our lives. Let these heavenly words ignite your faith and transform your world, one person and one prayer at a time.

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