God, Show Me More of You: Encountering God Out of the Box

God, Show Me More of You: Encountering God Out of the Box

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ISBN: 9781952385766

Are you hungry for more of God, outside of the box? This was the desperate prayer that Merri Ellen prayed when she found herself immobilized in bed for months, after suffering from a traumatic chain of events within a church environment.

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About the Book

The tragedy of many church goers is that many are living within the confines of a tradition or an institution rooted in fear.

Yet, they are yearning for a deeper, more vibrant loving connection with God. There is a deep hunger of many to hear His voice clearly and walk in step with the Holy Spirit, experiencing divine freedom and full life. Drawing from her own ashes to beauty journey, and the stories of many whom she coaches around the world in multiple countries, she illuminates the path to healing, spiritual growth, and a profound relationship with God that surpasses anything you could ever ask, think, or imagine.

Through the pages of this inspiring book, you will also:

– Learn to embrace a vibrant and intimate connection with God.
– Experience freedom from past wounds and traumas.
– Discover how to embrace the fullness of God’s freedom through a life led by the Holy Spirit.
– Learn practical keys of the kingdom to discern and hear God’s voice with greater clarity.

Whether you’re a seasoned believer seeking a fresh encounter with God or someone who has been longing to know Him more deeply, this book offers a roadmap to stepping outside the familiar and venturing into the extraordinary. Dare to embrace the vast and limitless love of God that beckons you beyond the man-made box. Your extraordinary journey with God starts here.

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