The Prince of Peace is the only one who can lead nations through peace.  Every other leader is sinking sand.  There are leaders that yield to the Father and they are like springs in the desert.  But he is the only one who can bring peace to our hearts, a steadiness.  

There can be no peace with God except through repentance. The lord has been shaking this nation.  Shaking the hearts of believers so that all that is not of Heaven will fall and that all that is a Kingdom deposit would remain.  

It is by his kindness that he is a God who shakes before he judges.  The lord shook Eli the High Priest by making clear to him the sins of his sons.  As High Priest he knew what had to be done for their sins yet did not act.  After Samuel spoke the Lord’s word against the house of Eli He spoke powerless words in his own strength to try and correct them. Yet he did not repent.       

Had he repented and corrected his sons when he first heard of their sin, the Lord would have had no need to send a prophet to shake him for that reason.  Had he taken action and corrected them by the Spirit as priest over Israel perhaps the lord would have mercy.  We must appeal to his mercy in the humility of repentance.  But we can see from his example that words with no real action is Faithlessness and brings judgment.

Instead we are to have Faith with action like the faith of Nebuchadenezzar who after being shaken responded by humbling himself and extolling the Lord among his people and sending decrees to the land telling of his goodness.

The shaking is for three reasons: (there may be more but this is all I have been shown)

  1. To wake up the sleepers so they are stirred to seek God
  2. To shake off the things of the world so only the things of Heaven remain in the hearts of his people
  3. To cause the lost to search out something to hope in.  

The Lord continues to shake and awake others into repentance so we can be thankful children extending his kindness to others.  Repent for being stagnant and allowing lies to be spoken and for the truth to be silent. 

Repent so that the eyes of our hearts can clearly see what Heaven is doing.  Repent so that our hearts can be prepared for the sovereignty of the Lord to come rest within and upon it.  

When the lord allows the weightiness of his Sovereignty to rest upon this nation it will cause the prideful to account for what is hidden.  They will have no choice but to address the truth.  When confronted with the truth our hearts need to be ready to be humble and say yes to his corrections and adjustments beginning by repenting.  

The prideful will of man is being raised up like a mountain to block the view of believers from seeing what Heaven is doing.  It’s like a siege mound trying to scale the walls of Heaven.  But, “It is merely a tower of Babel.” says the Lord.

Peace and humility walk together.  If we humble ourselves by preparing a place for the Lord to rest within our hearts, the mountain of pride will fall and we will be able to more clearly see what the Father is doing.

When his truth fills our hearts we are always willing to speak the truth in love by reminding the prideful will of man that there is still a chance for peace with God.  If he’s willing to yield to his kindness and mercy extended towards them.

Our hearts need to be prepared to hold the weightiness of his sovereignty.  The American church is not quite ready for that yet.  Some places are and are already experiencing it.  But if they would have their hearts ready they could carry my glory and be a light to the nations again.  

Jesus said of Jerusalem that many times he had wanted to take her under his wing like a mother hen:

We are all to be like mother hens.  I saw many mother hens going into the streets,  Into the darkest alleys to bring light to the blind and hope to the Fatherless.  These “mothers” are overflowing with Heavenly compassion that burns in their eyes and they will set free the Fatherless.  They will say to them, “ You are no longer Fatherless.”  The lord is widening the expanse of the hearts of Fathers to allow more to be taken under their wings.  I saw pillars of oak rising up all over the nation.  The pillars are Fathers. 

These mother hens will cause confessions of evil to bring evildoers to justice.  The mother hens will save Fatherless men.  The Fatherless men will reveal the lies of the enemy causing men who are mighty in their own sight to fall.  The compassion of his people to care for the oppressed will transform lawless men and bring to justice the proud.